Darlo Dogs provides professional dog grooming to Darlinghurst and its surrounding suburbs.  With parking right out front on William Street for your convenience!  The myth is true!  (come down from Darlinghurst Road and not through the William St tunnel)

Our first appointment is 8:30am from Monday to Friday.  Have a small dog?  Add on half daycare ($22) or full daycare ($44).  Take advantage of our online booking system!  Book your appointment at your convenience online.

We specialise in breed grooms, including hand stripping (small and medium size only) or any style that suits your lifestyle.  Your dog's comfort is our first priority. De-matting is unpleasant and can sometimes hurt so if it takes longer than 30 mins we'll discuss it with you first but suggest a shorter length.

We groom all small, medium and large dogs to 29kg only.  
Apologies but we no longer groom extra large dogs

How to book dog grooming services

We've tried to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible.  Once you choose your service all dates and times available will be displayed.  

Grooming Price List

Our groomers have been trained by the best in Australia.  Having International Masters and Best in Show among their qualifications.

Small - up to 10kg.       Medium - 11kg - 20kg.       Large - 21 - 29kg  ** apologies we don't groom extra large dogs

Wash and Dry - bath, blow dry, nail cut, full comb out or de-shed

Wash, Dry & Tidy - bath, blow dry, nail cut, full comb out, pads, feet, hygiene and around eyes/fringe

Blow Out for a double coated dog - bath, blow dry, full comb out,  nail cut and hygiene

Full Groom - bath, blow dry, nail cut, hygiene. Breed style or a length that suits your lifestyle.   Book 'Poodle style' to include face/feet.                     **A long haired dog is one where the hair continues to grow. ie. All Oodles.  **Short haired dog's are pugs/terriers

Hand Stripping

Grooming add-ons

Short haired dog de-shedding Pack

Fluffy Maintenance Pack

Fluffy Oodle Grooming Pack

**All products used are natural, gentle and calming for irritated skin. No harsh chemicals! We use Dr Zoo shampoo and conditioners.

**No additional charge for any shampoo

Safety & Wellbeing 

A focus of ours is to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable during our grooming.

With Darlo Dogs, our service comes with the following safety protocols

  • We will monitor your dogs emotional state and act accordingly
  • We will do our best to remove knots and tangles but will always put your dog's well-being first
  • If we need to cut the hair shorter we will always discuss it before 
  • They will be taken to the toilet and offered water after their groom


Grooming - a thing about shedding & matted coats

How do I book a groom?

Sydney locals trust us to look after their beloved dogs like they were our own.  We are professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of dog daycare and grooming


  • 0498 035 999
  • ABN 17 624 914 496
  • dee@darlodogs.com.au
  • 191 William Street, Darlinghurst
  • Open Mon ~ Fri   7:30am till 6:00pm