Are you looking for the best social and engaging daycare in town? We're centrally located in Darlinghurst with parking right out front.  We provide easy and professional care for your dog and puppy.

We welcome small dog breeds to join us for socialising, mental stimulation and enriching games.  

Our experienced and dedicated team will provide excellent care for your dog throughout the day. 

 Our 3 hour temperament trial is important to establish if your dog enjoys the daycare environment.  Daycare isn't for every dog and can be overwhelming for some.  We want every visit to be a positive one and will always put your dog's wellbeing first. We may suggest a further few short stays or half days before jumping right into a full day. 

The Ease into Daycare Pack offers a discounted price for 2 x 3 hour shorts stays and 2 x 5 hours half days.

Puppy Business

At Darlo Dogs we specialise in building confident, resilient, happy and well-behaved puppies who become exceptional community canines. Our unique puppy experience focuses on daily activities and exercises that stimulate puppies' brains, encourage curiosity and confidence. Basic training including recall, sit, drop, and impulse control are also part of the daily fun. 

The first few months is absolutely critical for proofing dogs against the world and against being fearful. Between 3 - 12 weeks puppies experience a socialisation period that will permanently shape their personality and how they react to their surroundings. Socialising puppies with other dogs and puppies in a safe and control environment, being handled and brushed ready for grooming as early as possible, and in a positive way, will set them up for life.  

Doing this can be difficult though unless you know fully vaccinated dogs that are happy to have bouncy puppies around.  We accept puppies after their 2nd vaccination*.  They'll be able to gain some super important social skills in a controlled and safe environment.  Being a small dog daycare we take small breed puppies only to ensure everyone is safe and having fun.  

*This is when they are sufficiently vaccinated to around other fully vaccinated dogs and when your vet says they can walk on concrete but not grass

How dog daycare works

Our online booking system gives you complete control over buying credits and securing your place.  As a new client we require a few details about you and your dog when you book your Temperament Trial and we do have a cap on numbers to ensure complete safety, so a booking before 7:30am on the day is a must to be able to attend. No drop-ins allowed.

Each day we provide your dog with:

* Mental enrichment in the form of practicing manners, playing and some agility games.

* Desirable socialisation - we don't force your dog to interact with us or other dogs.  We want them to be relaxed so if they're an older dog not loving the high energy puppies they will have respite away from them.  Cuddles are paramount!

* Walks outside to one of our nearby parks or a variety of great smelling trees to leave pee-mails 

* An opportunity for them to have quiet time. Incredibly important for a well rounded balanced day.

Choosing a doggy daycare can be a challenging task.  It's important for you to understand the level of service you're getting for your money and while we can't control everything, here's what we can tell you about our service.

  • All of our dogs complete a temperament test, to maximise safety & for us to learn how to best interact with your dog
  • Supervised at all times
  • We have a 100% money back guarantee on all our services 
  • We have the 2nd best customer service in Sydney (your dog gets 1st place, hope that's okay)


Can you tell me a bit more about their average day?

Do you offer a drop off service? 

Does my dog need to be desexed?

How do I book in daycare?

How do you deal with aggressive dogs at daycare?

How old does my puppy need to be before joining in on the fun?

What is a temperament trial and why does my dog need to have one?

What is your Vaccination and Parasite Control policy?

Why do 'I' need dog daycare?

Why does my dog need daycare?

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Why the size restriction for daycare?

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Ready to play?

Your dog is going to love it!  

Sydney locals trust us to look after their beloved dogs like they were our own.  We are professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of dog daycare and grooming


  • 0498 035 999
  • ABN 17 624 914 496
  • 191 William Street, Darlinghurst
  • Open Mon ~ Fri   7:30am till 6:00pm