T&Cs - Grooming and Daycare

Here at Darlo Dogs we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to spend our days with other people's dogs, a huge responsibility that isn't taken lightly, so therefore the SAFETY of all our dogs comes first.

Our grooming friends need to be flea and tick free and not have nay communicable illness such as gastro or be coughing when they come for a groom. Darlo Dogs reserves the right to refuse a haircut on the day and will help to reschedule for when your dog is well.

For our daycare guests at Darlo Dogs it is a necessary requirement to undergo a temperament trial prior to being allowed to participate in daycare activities. This is for the safety of all staff and dogs. The temperament trial is for a minimum of 3 hours. During this period we monitor the dogs body language, posturing, and reactions during the fist critical social interaction. Then they are gradually integrated into one of our supervised play groups that best suits their personality. Dogs that are not settling and display anxious and stressed behaviour will not be integrate for their own well-being and we will discuss whether daycare is the best option with you. Dogs that become over excited are given some timeout before rejoining the group. Anti-social and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Groups are decided based on factors such as size, energy levels and temperament. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dogs comfort level as we want to make their transition into the pack as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Our terms and conditions are as follows......


1. My dog(s) must be in good general health and not be suffering from any communicable diseases. My dog must be clear of fleas and ticks. If Darlo Dogs need to administer flea medication, it will be at my own cost and added to the final payment.

2. I acknowledge that cancellation for grooming is without penalty up to 48 hours before my appointment. If i cancel after this time Darlo Dogs reserves the right to charge a $40 cancellation fee for lost service. All no-shows will be required to prepay for grooming on the next visit.

3. I understand that matted hair and knot removal is painful for my dog. Darlo Dogs will do everything they can to 'save' a coat but if after 30 mins they will clip the hair short. I acknowledge that i have one opportunity only to bring a severely matted dog to be groomed. Darlo Dogs reserves the right to refuse a severely matted dog on the second visit for the health and well-being of the animal. I acknowledge that regular grooming avoids mats and tangle and makes for a much more pleasant experience for my dog. I accept there is a de-matting fee/ a poor coat condition fee that is added to the final cost.


1. My dog(s) must be in good general health and that i must provide proof of their current C5 vaccinations in order for my dog(s) to attend daycare at Darlo Dogs. I must inform Darlo Dogs if my dog has been infected with any communicable disease. We accept young puppies at Darlo Dogs who are sufficiently vaccinated to be around other full vaccinated dogs. I acknowledge that any risk associated with exposing a puppy to fully vaccinated dogs lies with me and not Darlo Dogs.

2. If my dog(s) requires any medication for any condition, i must supply the medication with specific written dosage instructions from my vet. In the event of illness, I authorise Darlo Dogs staff to take my dog(s) to our recommended vet ('VetHQ Darlinghurst, 350 Victoria St, Darlinghurst') for any emergency treatment that is required. I agree to pay in full any vet expenses upon collection of my dog(s) from Darlo Dogs.

3. I must inform Darlo Dogs of any known behaviour problems that my dog(s) may have, including but not limited to, excessive barking, dominance, mounting, anxiety etc. Darlo Dogs uses positive reinforcement for behaviour. When behaviour requires it however, Darlo Dogs uses safe and gentle corrective methods such a verbal commands, water sprays and time out rooms. Daycare may not be suitable for all dogs and Darlo Dogs and its employees reserves the right to refuse any dog that displays unsociable or damaging behaviour. Highly anxious dogs are not suited to daycare but we can provide professional contacts to help deal with this condition.

4. Darlo Dogs is a small dog daycare and therefore reserves the right to refuse members based on size. 

5. Any dog found to be aggressive will not be accommodated at Darlo Dogs. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Darlo Dogs may result in my dog(s) being isolated in the facility. The refused further visits.

6. All dogs must approach, enter and leave the facility on a lead at all times. All dogs at Darlo Dogs must wear a collar with identity at all times when attending daycare.

7. Darlo Dogs is a cage free environment and whereby dogs interact and play directly with one another off leash under supervision. Every dog reacts differently and animals, by natural, can be unpredictable and therefore present a certain level of risk. I acknowledge and understand that there are certain risks involved in daycare, including but not limited to injuries to people, and animals. Darlo Dogs staff will administer first aid if required to all minor injuries and notify me of said injury when i pick up my dog(s). 

8. I understand that Darlo Dogs pick up time is by 6pm . If I do not pick up my dog(s) by 6pm there may be a late fee of $1 charged for every minute or part thereof after 6pm.

9. I acknowledge that Darlo Dogs fees for daycare are to be paid in advanced. I acknowledge that Darlo Dogs Grooming payment will be take on drop off prior to my dogs groom.

10. I accept that i must pre-book my dogs attendance for daycare at Darlo Dogs as there is a counter for the number of dogs allowed each session. I acknowledge that a 'no show' or cancellation without 24 hours notice may incur a credit being removed from my prepaid account. 

11. I hereby release any responsibility of Darlo Dogs and its employees for any disease or parasite (including paralysis tick or canine influenza), injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to my dog while in the care of Darlo Dogs. I fully release and indemnify Darlo Dogs and its employees from all such liability including all costs, loss, damage and expenses (including all veterinary, medical and/or legal costs) incurred as a result of or in connection with my dog (s) being in the care and control of Darlo Dogs.

12. I acknowledge that all photographic images or digital recordings taken of the facility, dogs, customers and staff, together with their prints and their copyrights therein are the property of Darlo Dogs. I authorise Darlo Dogs to reproduce/alter the images in print or electronic format without compensation to me and i waive the right to approve the finished image.

Sydney locals trust us to look after their beloved dogs like they were our own.  We are professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of dog daycare and grooming


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