Puppy School

We've teamed up with a like minded friend.  Eazy Dog Training offers you a premium Puppy School for your little furball!  

Classes held at Darlo Dogs week nights and run for 4 weeks. Check the schedule for the next course.  Parking right our front or in Premier Lane. (come down from Darlinghurst road, don't go through the William St tunnel or you'll miss us)

  • Positive reinforcement and fun training techniques
  • Comprehensive and practical skills for both you and your puppy.

Includes a free training pouch, clicker, online puppy school support, discounts and a few bits and bobs to welcome you to rewarding world of owning a dog!

Anniina and her team offer you a proven calm approach to learning that will set you and your dog up for a wonderful future together.

  • Obedience & everyday manners skills to improve your daily life!
  • Socialisation in a positive way with other dogs, people, situations, environments and sounds.
  • Sound desensitisation training
  • Polite leash and greeting manners
  • Fun tricks and games to keep your puppy mentally stimulated

You will learn:

  • A Puppy’s point of view
  • Positive dog training techniques
  • To read your puppy’s body language & prevent issues later on
  • Advice on common puppy problem behaviours such as toilet training, puppy biting, chewing, digging, jumping up and separation anxiety.