Puppy School

We're super excited to be teaming up with The Bondi Behaviourist for THE most comprehensive Puppy School in Sydney!

Bondi Behaviourist is a Sydney-based team with a passion for the wellbeing of our dogs and the people that care for them.

The believe in communicating with your dogs exactly what it is we want them to do, not punishing what you don’t want to see. "We want our dogs to grow in resilience, confidence and independence to be able to live full and enriched lives. This comes from healthy guidance and setting them up to succeed, not through domination, intimidation and punishment."

“If we know better, we do better”

Their unique Puppy School Includes:

✔ 5 Weekly practical classes with a focus on training games, life-skill development, and healthy socialisation.

✔ Two trainers per class and small class sizes to ensure that you get your pup gets their individual needs met.

✔ Lifetime Access to Your Private Support Channel - Daily private access to our team of trainers to ask questions, get feedback and celebrate your wins for the lifetime.

✔ Goal setting & Accountability Coaching - To ensure consistency and results.

✔ Access to a weekly live Zoom group forum with your puppy school trainer for the duration of your school - So that you can ask those questions that only come to you at home.

✔ Lifetime Access to our Online Puppy School - A comprehensive online course teaching you all about puppyhood and training - Valued at $150 RRP.

✔ Lifetime Access to Bondi Behaviourist App and Valuable Online Resources

✔ Training Leash for you to practice training your loose leash walking

✔ Training Treats to ensure your dog stays motivated

If your intention is to raise a happy, healthy & confident puppy that can take the world in their stride, then this is your starting point. Whether you are a first-time puppy owner or a an old hat that couldn’t resist bringing another pup into your life you will be wanting to ensure your new puppy is raised with up-to-date methods and evidence-based strategies and we are the team for you!

If you’re ready to get stuck in, then we’re ready to help you raise the best puppy you can!