Hand Stripping

**We have closed our books for new Hand Stripping clients at this time.  Please give us a call if you would like ot be on a waitlist

Hand stripping is a specailised service and is exactly that...hand stripping.  It is grooming process involves removing dead hairs from the coat by hand by grasping the tips of the dead coat between our fingers and removing each one.

This not only keeps the coat tidy, their skin healthy and your dog will retain its glorious colour.  Your hand stripping appointment will be a total of 3 hours of grooming with a few small water and wee breaks.  It includes nails, hygiene, pads, bath and a final tidy up. 

Hand Stripping is priced per hour.  Small (up to 10kg) $75 per hour  Med  (11-20kg) $85 per hour

As we only strip pets and not show dogs, there may be areas that are very sensitive, normally around their bums and bits and sometimes faces.  We will scissor only when we have to but consult with you prior to doing so.

What is hand stripping?

Hand stripping targets the older hairs.  As the hair ages the roots become weaker and weaker and these older dull hairs are easy to pull out.  By doing so it leaves room for new stronger hairs to grow through.  Its not like plucking your eyebrows, this is living hair.  Hand stripping shouldn't hurt if done correctly.  This ensures that the coat will have a fuller, shinier texture and a more vibrant colour.

It’s recommended for wire coated dogs instead of clipping or scissor cutting because rather than removing old hairs these methods simply cut the old dull hairs meaning new hairs don’t have the room to grow through.

When should I get my puppy stripped?

The earlier you get your puppy used to grooming the better.  We suggest booking a Wash & Tidy grooming service say at about 4 or 5 months.  Book a Wash & Tidy   We will get them used to being handled and use a de shedding rake and carding technique on their coat.  This is a great start to not only get them used to being groomed but help promote more layers.