Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is a specialised grooming process where dead hairs are manually removed to maintain a healthy coat. By grasping the dead hairs at the tips and pulling them out, we make room for new, stronger hairs to grow in. Don’t worry—this isn’t like plucking your eyebrows, and it shouldn’t hurt when done correctly.

Benefits of Hand Stripping:

  • Keeps the coat tidy and skin healthy
  • Preserves the coat’s natural color and texture
  • Promotes a fuller, shinier coat

Pricing: Hand stripping is priced at $90 per hour.

When to Start:
Start young to help your puppy get used to grooming. We suggest booking a Wash & Tidy session at around 4-5 months old. During this time, we’ll use a rake and carding technique to help your pup acclimate to grooming while promoting coat layers. Sensitive areas like the face, chest, and backside will be scissored if necessary, with prior consultation.

a brussels griffon before and after being hand stripped
2 sets of paw prints