Dog Training at Daycare!

We offer training in-house!  Complimenting their daycare day of fun and rumbling, 60 mins broken down into bite sized learning across their day will be dedicated to learning.  As anyone who has tried to teach a dog of any age knows, they have limited attention spans.  Making our training short and spread across their day it allows your dog to really absorb what they're learning.

Walking on the lead, toileting outside, sitting on a mat or bed, scared of people or noises... all type of good manners and behaviours.* Don't disregard tricks and agility training either as it allows your dog to channel their energy into something good rather than your shoes.  Plus it gives you a stronger bond and focus resulting in better learning outcomes. Win win!

Our resident dog trainer is so passionate about her work she can encourage the most stubborn of dogs to listen and learn.

The cost of the hour is $50.  You will receive written follows with videos of your dog's progress and a detailed video of how to practice at home.  Sessions can be booked as an add-on to the daycare day.

*Almost everything can be taught one on one with our trainer however, there will be some behaviours that will require an owner and a home environment that we can't help.  We can, however refer to paw'some partners that do home visits.