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Puppy School

Hi! Hi, hi, hi!! .....Down here!! ......Hi, I’m Buster! I’ve just graduated puppy school and I am here to tell you why it’s the bestest place in the whole wide world!!!!
I don’t know if you humans realise it but there’s SO MUCH TO SEE OUT THERE! So many sights and smells and sounds – it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re a little thing like me. But at puppy school, you get introduced to all kinds of new things in a safe space, so if you get scared there’s always someone there to help calm you down.

Speaking of things to see and smell, at puppy school you get to meet and play with lots of other puppies, just like you! It’s a great way to learn how to communicate with each other, like bowing when you want to play, or how to say ‘enough’ when someone gets a bit too enthusiastic. Mummy says it’s all about learning healthy boundaries – apparently some dogs don’t like having their ears nipped or their tail grabbed, who knew?!

Oh, oh, oh! And speaking of biting, Mummy says I’m much better now that I’ve been to puppy
school. The instructor told Mummy that it’s okay for puppies to experiment and that other puppies
are the best teachers when it comes to biting. I totally agree! I never realised how sharp my teef
were!! Good thing my new friend Polly was there to give me a yelp any time I tried to bite too hard.
Another thing I learned is that just like dogs, people come in all shapes and sizes too. It can be a bit
intimidating meeting people for the first time when you’re little like me, especially if they look a bit
different to your family. Last week I met a man who had hair all over his face, like a dog. I was scared
at first, because I’d never seen a man with a beard before. But with the help of the puppy school
instructor, Mummy’s learnt how to calmly introduce me to new people and now I’m not scared any

But the bestest thing about puppy school is the cuddles. When it was time to chill out and to listen to the teacher, my mummy would pick me up and set me in her lap and slowly stroke my ears and
my paws and the top of my head.

She says it helps get me used to the feeling of being touched so that when I go to the vet or the groomer I won’t be freaked out. I just like the feeling of calm that we both get from a nice, long cuddle-sesh.

So, there you go – puppy school is fun and educational. I 100% recommend it and so does Mummy.
She came away armed with plenty of great advice for keeping me happy and healthy as I grow up.
We have joined forces with our friends at Eazy Dog Training who offer the most comprehensive puppy school in Darlinghurst.  And its held in our awesome puppy space at Darlo Dogs,
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