Behavioural Training

Our behavioural training workshops are open to all ages and designed to be focused on common concerns many dog owners face.

Whether they have developed some bad habits at 2 years or if you're needing more advice after Puppy School our highly qualified Behavourists and Dog Trainers from Urban Herd will help you identify the cause and give you plenty of hands on training and tips.  Classes are kept small and interactive for individual outcomes.

Each class will be repeated on a monthly basis and you can join at any time, attending what interests you and what fits into your schedule.  

Small classes with limited numbers to focus on individual attention and tailored outcomes.  All ages welcome.

Workshops are booked online and are $60 for each individual class or buy a 3 pack and save!  

Nose Work series is $162.   

 Please reach out if you would like some more information.

First Saturday of the Month;
Well Mannered Mutt

The basis of all things dog!  When you have a well-balanced dog everything else becomes easier.  Understand why they don't always respond to commands and how making small tweaks will help their behaviour to refocus and calm them.

Suitable for; young puppies, rebellious adolescents or those older dogs needing to get back on track.

  • They will be always be responsive so training becomes easier
  • They know their boundaries so your life and those around you becomes easier
  • You will learn to understand their drivers and how to use them effectively

This workshop focuses on dog behaviour and by integrating it in their daily routine you will have the basis for a dog that is well-balanced and always looking to you for direction.

10am on First Saturday of the month.

Second Saturday of the Month;
The Pawfect Park Parent

This is a great class where the focus is on teaching YOU how to read your dogs body language and identify if they're having fun, being too boisterous or needing help surrendering the white flag.

In our supervised play environment where while observing them play, you'll learn what a positive play encounter is and tips to ensure your dog is always enjoy time with those around them. Be the best Pawrent in the Park!

Suitable for; All brand new puppies and puppy owners. 

  • Identify positive play in a calm supervised environment
  • Be given the tools to initiate a fun play session for your puppy
  • Learn how and when to step in when they're getting too excited

10am on Second Saturday of the month.

Third Saturday of the Month;
Separation Anxiety

Learn how separation anxiety can develop, how sometimes we can exacerbate the situation and the tools to help them adjust.

Suitable for;  new puppy owners and anyone with a dog who isn't coping when left alone.  

  • Feel more comfortable when leaving them home alone
  • Teach your dog to be independent
  • Learn some calming exercises

10am on Third Saturday of the month.

Fourth Saturday of the Month;
Nervous/Shy/Scared Dogs

Learn how to identify the signs your dog is anxious or stressed in a situation. Being fearful or scared when confronted with meeting another dog, larger dogs or objects that are unfamiliar can look different for each. Learn tailored tips to help calm them.

Suitable for: Nervous/shy dogs that hide behind your legs or anxious/scared dogs that bark uncontrollably when they are confronted by a foreign item.

  • Learn to identify the signs of when your dog is nervous,  anxious or scared
  • Learn how to calm them in a stressful situation
  • Teach them to feel more confident around what makes them stressed and anxious

10am on Fourth Saturday of the month.

Three week course 
Scent /Nose Work

This workshop is run over 3 weeks and will give your dog skills to identify different scents.  Both a mental and physical activity required making it enriching and a great alternative to the usual exercise they receive.   Go on Challenge them!

Suitable for; Anyone! All ages.

  • A physical & mental activity. Allowing dogs to be dogs
  • A great form of enrichment and for building confidence
  • A great indoor game for wet weather or apartment dogs

11:30am for a three week course